Bookwyrms & Catdragons presents: Arcadia Academy

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The Party finally reaches the conclusion of the pre-Games challenge issued to them by Professor Romanov, learns a valuable(?) lesson, and earns a prize (or 3).

Show Notes

Notes about the Arcadia Academy campaign: it is heavy magic, heavy homebrew, heavy RP, and modern day. The pacing is slower compared to more traditional campaign settings.

Content warnings: The Arcadia Academy campaign is rated PG-13 for language, possible sexual references, references to self-harm, and descriptions of blood and violence.

Please listen at your own discretion.

For more information about the world of Arcadia Academy, please check out our website, And if you like what you’re listening to so far, please consider supporting our Patreon - Until next time!

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What is Bookwyrms & Catdragons presents: Arcadia Academy?

Bookwyrms & Catdragons is a D&D 5e actual play podcast. Our current campaign is Arcadia Academy, which takes place at an elite school of magic.