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Strap in for the show biz chat sesh of a lifetime: Legendary comedian Tom Dreesen and 80s TV icon Larry Manetti join us for story after story about Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. Smokey Robinson, Tom Selleck, Robert Wagner, Mike Connors, Robert Conrad, David Letterman, Johnny Carson and more!

As epic as the stories are the story-tellers. Tom Dreesen’s mind-blowing C.V. traces his career path from shoe shine boy in Harvey, Illinois to sharing a jet and a stage with Frank Sinatra. Along the way he pioneered the first integrated comedy team, Tim and Tom with Tim Reid, graced the tonight show stage 60 times, frequently guested and guest hosted for and with David Letterman and toured with Smokey Robinson and Sammy Davis Jr. 

Tom spent 15 years on the road with Sinatra, forming a friendship that informed and nourished both of them. 

Tom offers insights into forging a career in comedy, he shares revelations about his Chicago childhood and Tom and Fritz swap Tonight show baptismal stories. 

Larry Manetti tells us that he was discoverd in the Universal commissary and cast soon thereafter in Baa Baa Black Sheep thanks to the fervent support of Robert Conrad. Larry fills us in on his What’s Cooking With Larry Manetti pilot which featured the handsomest guest cast in cooking show history: Tom Selleck, Robert Wagner and Mike Connors! And Larry ’s lifelong friendship with Tom Selleck welcomes a new chapter this week as they star together in an upcoming episode of Blue Bloods.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Any Given Tuesday by Lis Smith and The Pale Blue Eye novel by Louis Bayard which has become a Netflix film starring Christian Bale and Harry Melling. 

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