Spencer's Serenade

In this episode my cohost Dan and I talk everything paranormal. We recount some of the experiences we've had and go over the details of the research we found on various topics dealing with the paranormal.

Show Notes

Thanks for tuning in yet again! In this episode Dan and I detail everything paranormal ranging from ghosts, aliens, and cryptids. This was a great discussion because these topics are so intriguing and there are so many stories and experiences out there talking about these sorts of things. I'm sure a lot of you listeners out there have had experiences personally or know someone who has which is a fascinating aspect of these topics. Although these sorts of things aren't accepted by science, they definitely exist without a true explanation for them... yet. If you enjoyed this episode do some of your own research on these things and see what you can find, maybe do some experimentation but use caution so you don't attract the wrong entities to you! If you enjoy this podcast and want to hear more, please feel free to make a donation to me so I can use it for better equipment, maybe even use the money to travel and explore some of the places mentioned in the episode or in future episodes! Last thing, if you have any experiences you feel are worth sharing, write into my email and we can talk about it and maybe make a little more sense of it through discussing it. I appreciate you all very much and look forward to the journey this podcast will take me on. 
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What is Spencer's Serenade?

Thank you for joining me on this podcasting journey. This podcast will be focused on dealing with everyday problems that people might face and how to address them. Along with that, in the other portion we will be discussing the weird and wild topics and phenomenon that exists in this world. With that being said, I hope this can provide you with solutions to problems you may be facing in your life as well as expand your mind into thinking about some complex topics that don't get enough attention.