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On today's 135th Episode of The Thriller Zone, our second Bonus Episode this month, I'm pleased to welcome the multi-talented author, Alisa Valdes, author of Hollow Beasts.

Her latest thriller follows protagonist Joni Luna, a woman who, after a long stint in academia, leaves Boston for the wilds of New Mexico to start a new life as a game warden.

Alisa found early success with her other books: The Feminist and the Cowboy, The Three Kinds, The Husband Habit, Dirty Girls on Top, The Dirty Girls Social Club, Playing with Boys, Make Him Look Good, and Haters.

Alisa is an award-winning print and broadcast journalist, and former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe. With more than one million books in print in eleven languages, they included her on Time's list of the twenty-five most influential Hispanics.

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