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Did you know the DHH episode we did a couple of weeks ago broke the record for fastest downloaded episode previously held by DHH? On today’s episode, the guys dive right into talking about callbacks. Then, we learn all about Chris’s new course he did called “Ruby on Rails for Beginners, Jason rebuilding their site editor, some information about Skypack and Snyk, and an issue that came up with turbo that Chris resolves. And, find out Andrew’s fun fact and when Jason is releasing his final StimulusReflex course.

Show Notes

[00:01:43] The guys chat about callbacks. 

[00:04:46] Chris tells us about the new course he did, “Ruby on Rails for Beginners.”

[00:08:58] Andrew asks Chris if he actually talked to people who are newer in Rails to figure out about the pry or if he had a sense of it because of where he’s at in the community.
[00:11:57] Jason hints at wanting to make a course on SQL for Active Record for Rails Developers, which gets Chris and Andrew excited.  

[00:14:22] Chris mentions how he put up a bare bones site that needed some examples for better

[00:16:48] Jason spills the beans about rebuilding their site editor. Andrew wonders what specifically wasn’t working in StimulusReflex for him and what prompted him to rely more heavily on CableReady.
[00:23:36] Andrew tells us a “fun fact,” and he asks Jason what he thinks is the coolest part about the new editor and how is he adding Webpacker.

[00:27:43] Chris talks about fiddling with madmin and using Skypak. Andrew tells us all the things you can do with Skypak.
[00:32:08] Andrew and Chris talk about Snyk, a security company.

[00:33:07] Chris announces that Heroku now has a license for Rails LTS to test against old Rails versions for the Ruby Buildpack.

[00:33:34] Chris talks about an issue he dove into with turbo that came up on the GoRails community. 

[00:37:17] We end with Jason announcing the release date of his final StimulusReflex course. 
Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


“Ruby on Rails for Beginners” by Chris Oliver
Skypack Docs-Pinned URLs (Optimized)
Snyk gemfile
Remote Ruby Podcast- Episode 115 with David Heinemeier Hansson

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