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Carrie Gibson is an American-born, Cambridge-trained historian, journalist, and author. 

America, a wild outpost for British Puritans, speculators, merchants, and malcontents began in the year 1776, no? And it wasn’t until the year 1863, on whose dawn Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, that we all began thinking about slavery, right? While these are, no doubt, important dates to remember, the real history of America (what we might call, Spanish America!) stretches much further back in time. 

From this episode, you’ll learn…

The historical significance of the British monarchy and whether it’s been, on the whole, an evil visited, or a good conferred upon the rest of the world; imperialism old and new, as practiced variously by the British, French, Americans, and Chinese; if, in our studies and national myths, we overemphasize the role played by Christopher Columbus; the Valladolid Debate and the earliest arguments against slavery; Manifest Destiny and Karl Marx; Why conspiracies are so alluring; and if America suffers from a delusion of innocence. 

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0:00 Introductory Remarks 
1:39 The Death of Queen Elizabeth and the state of the monarchy
6:07 Carrie’s Biographical Info 
8:32 Has the British Empire been a net benefit or detriment? 
10:18 Asian vs European Imperialism 
13: 55 Differences between American and British schools, how they produce their scholars
21:29 Do we care too much about Christopher Columbus? 
30:10 With whom would YOU sail? 
32: 27 The Valladolid Debate and Slavery
44:30 American Expansionism and Manifest Destiny; Marx, Hegel
55:10  Bad history and reasons we’re drawn to conspiracies
1:00;33 America’s delusion of innocence, Reinhold Niebuhr
1:07:50 Rapid Fire questions

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