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Another fantastic and wisdom-filled interview with Jonathan Cherki, founder and CEO of Contentsquare. Contentsquare is a global leader providing experience analytics for over 700 clients, including American Express, Best Buy, Dell, Ikea, LVMH, T-Mobile, Salesforce, Sephora and Toyota. Having recently closed a mega round of funding ($190M), Jonathan provides a lot of insight on how to raise money; how to prioritize top-line goals for your company; how to determine average sale price and much more. *** Definitely a must-listen podcast! ***

Show Notes

Show notes:
  • [1:05] - Childhood and background that contributed to your entrepreneurial drive
  • [3:21] - What led you to see an opportunity in digital UX analytics?
  • [5:06] - What does Contentsquare do?
  • [6:39] - How is Contentsquare different from Hotjar, Google Analytics etc?
  • [8:13] - How does consumer behaviour differ between regions based on the data you are seeing?
  • [9:48] - What did you do in the early days that laid the foundation for future growth.  And is there anything you would do differently?
  • [11:57] - How did you determine your average sale price in your early days?
  • [13:33] - What were some of the biggest failures in your early days and what did you learn from it?
  • [15:22] - Journey of Contentsquare: What is your philosophy on funding?  How did you decide when to raise money and how much? 
  • [20:59] - What advice would you give entrepreneurs looking to raise money?
  • [22:13] - How do you determine the priority and sequencing of conflicting goals of maximizing revenue, maximizing profits, maximizing market share, maximizing wallet, share.
  • [24:51] - How do you do your annual planning?
  • [26:18] - How do you integrate companies successfully?  What did you learn from your two integrations?
  • [28:58] - What do we need to do in Europe to have more startups and unicorns come out of Europe?
  • [31:10] - When should you go direct to US from your home country?

Book recommendation: The Hard thing about hard things by Ben Horowitz
Book recommendation: High Growth Handbook by Elad Gil

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