Empowering minds is the spark, transforming communities is the flame that ignites a brighter future for us all.
Dr. Ian Buchanan, the visionary CEO of Nia Education Group, is a role model of transformative leadership. Embracing his identity as a “Black Nerd”, he shares his path, transitioning from teacher to administrator to an inspiring entrepreneur and leadership coach.
Addressing the poignant absence of diversity in education, his role amplifies the critical need to bridge cultural understanding gaps in pivotal services such as academics and social work. He champions the celebration of one’s true self and cultural heritage, urging individuals to represent their authentic identities within their professional realms.
Rooted in the belief that fundamental needs and values transcend cultural differences, let us champion advocacy for others, ensuring their cultural intricacies find voice and inclusion. Become a guiding light for those sharing your heritage, showcasing your genuine self wherever you tread!

😎 Jay-Z of leadership coaching: Ian Buchanan is Ron’s education co-conspirator. 00:40
🏆 It is great to be great: working with people with expertise is something Ian enjoys. 02:21
🧒🏾 Being the opportunity myth before the opportunity myth: growing up in the poverty of East St. Louis, Illinois.  03:36
🧑🏾‍🏫 He didn’t want to be a tool for the oppressive society: transferring from engineering to being a teacher.  05:13
🎤 Being a cool nerd: Ian was completely immersed in hip-hop culture and rap as the transformational power of the spoken word. 07:32
🦸🏾 When Ian realized that teaching was his superpower and the way to impact the world. 09:50
🧑🏾‍🎓 Ian comes from a family of educators: Ian is a teacher, principal, central office leader and entrepreneur. 10:24
🆚 His presentations were booed: understanding charter vs traditional public, white run charters vs People of Color Run charters without autonomy. 12:57
✌🏾 Working with ASD and applying lessons to his work: emphasizing the importance of elevating the voices of those closest to education. 15:45
👑 K.I.N.G. masterclasses and book: who influenced his entrepreneurship journey. 24:43
💯 Ian’s dreams:  the power of coaching and developing a master class with a broader reach. 27:24
🌞 The most important coaches for Ron and Ian: context is the most important for good coaches - working on a human being, not human doing. 30:46
🤩 Helping men of color connect with their emotions and soul: breaking away from toxic behaviors using 10 saboteurs from the Positive intelligence system. 33:43
💎 Ian’s RONDering: Having sugar-free K-12 schools - the power of fresh food to kids’ brains. 40:38
🌎 Broadening kids’ experiences with traveling out of the country to have more global dexterity. 45:20
📘 Ian’s book KING: A Four-Part Leadership Framework for Black Men. 46:45

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What is Ronderings?

In season one of Ronderings, Ron talks to his guests about their superpowers, including career advice, diversity, mindset, wellness, and leadership. Ron grew up in New York City, and has been coaching and leading executive searches for the last five years, taking what he has learned from 15 years in corporate, higher education, government, and non-profit contexts. He and his wife are obsessed with reality television, and Ron also moonlights as a men's personal stylist and group fitness instructor. Ron says, "I believe in the power of intuition and deepening one’s self-awareness and impact on others. I believe in the power of connection and transparency. I believe that we must dismantle systems of oppression and racism to recover our fullest humanity. Most of all, I believe our power to change the world starts from changing ourselves first."