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Spiritual Downloads

Show Notes

"Spiritual Downloads! Talking to and Decoding the Unseen Realms: Working with Spirit Guides, Animals and Nature for Healing, Guidance and Personal Evolution"

Have you had a spiritual "download"? Many people use that term to describe a connection with a Spiritual, or unseen being, currently not in a physical human body. It often comes as a need to sit and write out a bunch of thoughts that stream in. Guidance, intuitive hits, and dreams. Sudden clarity or ideas that solve the problem. Sometimes it is a vision, or feeling, or memory that triggers an action. From visitations and visions to animal communicating and channeling, we can and do communicate daily with the unseen worlds. Come join me as we explore how you can connect with and decode the daily communication from the unseen realms. Yes, it is possible for you, you are on a Fully Funded Mission! That means you have all the support you need. Sometimes, it's just not human! Let's play, LIVE - you can hear me talk to or channel some unseen beings of light and maybe I can speak to your guides!

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What is BlissLife with Akasha?

Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended. Adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

BlissLife with Akasha is a weekly podcast with host Nan Akasha. Come join Akasha's adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

Meditations, readings, chakras, sacred geometry and much more and beyond.

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