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Fr. Robert Holet outlines the stewardship cycle and suggests consecrations beyond the first fruits of Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Show Notes

Fr. Robert Holet, DMin, author of The First and Finest: Orthodox Christian Stewardship as Sacred Offering, outlines the stewardship cycle: 
  1. Acknowledge God as the source of everything
  2. Receive God's gifts
  3. Offer the first fruits
  4. Care for all God entrusts
  5. God accepts our offering and pours forth greater abundance
  6. Mature in human capacity to steward God's gifts
  7. Make an account upon the Master's return
  8. Eternal reward of "good and faithful servant"
Fr. Robert also explores the five T's of stewardship, consecrating beyond the first fruits of Time, Talent, and Treasure. As we allow the Lord to examine our hearts and minds this Lent, Fr. Robert offers A Self-Examination and Reflection Guide to prepare for confession and participate in faithful stewardship. 

What is Doulos?

The Doulos podcast explores servant leadership in an Orthodox Christian context.