Digital Workflow Dentistry

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Podcast #9 introduces the importance of team culture and in this episode DWD interview Dr. Amreesh and Vik Khanna about their education platform Dentalks which focuses on team events and team culture.

Show Notes

DWD Podcast #9 Team Culture. DWD dentists Dr. Sharma and Dr. Parchewsky interview the Khanna brothers, Vik and Amreesh. These two dentists have started an education platform called Dentalks which focuses on team culture and high level dental education. Concepts of team education and community outreach are discussed. Digital dentistry, community dental, Dentist team, Dental team, Dental staff, digital workflow, dentsply sirona, Digital dentistry, digital dentist, dentistry

What is Digital Workflow Dentistry?

Providing Dentists with information on how to make use of digital technology with efficient and effective workflows.