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Figuring out what to do and realigning the things you need to do in order to achieve that best version of yourself is key.

When you already know what needs to be improved on and you’re wired to take on the challenge. You have accepted all the things out of your control and is ready to make the first step to progress. Here comes the time we grind. Let’s start realigning the things that matter to us, the things that we can start working on and making a system that works for you.

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change one's position or attitude with regard to (a person, organization, or cause).
When you already know what needs to be improved on and you’re wired to take on the challenge. You have accepted all the things out of your control and is ready to make the first step to progress. Here comes the time we grind. Let’s start realigning the things that matter to us, the things that we can start working on and making a system that works for you.  
-How do we start shifting our perspectives and realigning our priorities. 
·    The perspective we should have by now is a mindset of growth and change. Knowing that in order for us to get over our these setbacks there are things we have to work on. 
·    Write the things we need to improve on and beside that indicate how we could work on this. 
·    Once we’ve identified how we could work on it, now it’s time to write them down again in order based on the accessibility on how we could work on these setbacks. 
·    For example if you need to work on your writing skills and you need to take a class in order to improve yourself, or join a community and that’s the most accessible to you put that on top of the list. 
·    Once you’re done get on going. 
-Take things a step at a time. 
·    Remember it’s a process so cross things off the list one by one. 
·    Don’t rush progress and things to happen just stick to the process and work on it as diligently as you can. 
·    When you feel like you’re going to slip and go off and give up you, have to be accountable for yourself or have a buddy/ mentor that could help you. 
·    In the next episode we’ll talk about taking accountability and responsibility. 
-How to keep going? 
·    Just try to have the list close to you, if you have ideas to make it easier or accessible for you to work on it. Write it down. 
·    Also keep writing down your progress to keep track of how was realigning your priorities and things to do helped in your progress.
·    Have an accountability buddy, or practice taking responsibility for your actions through self reflection! 

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-This episode will help you figure out how you could do better. As people we have the unlimited chance to be better than our past selves if we choose to.
Why do we have to find out where we could improve?  
·    It is a process of being self-aware seeing where could do better will shape us on how we deal with future setbacks
·    Knowing these details of yourself will help you see the bigger picture of why it happened
·    It makes it less disappointing for us if we encounter a setback, having a mindset of continually growing and progressing will help us seek to be the better version of ourselves. 
-How did you come about this idea of identifying the problem? 
·    Talk about doing the right effort to achieve the best results
·    Explain the techniques in most of the sports you did (proper techniques make it easier for you to do the skills) in order to do so you have to find the mistakes and be mindful of them. 
·    Correcting these little things help immensely in your perception and how you do things.
-How do you analyze your own shortcomings? Is it possible to completely do it alone? 
·    We are limited to see the things we do and most of the time if we are not aware of ourselves we fail to see where we could improve on.
·    Some people can be so intuitive and mindful that they correct themselves at the very moment it happens
·    It takes practice to have such control but it can never be perfected 
·    That’s why we need a good support system, a group of people who you really trust to hold you accountable for the things you do as well. 
·    A group that would inspire you to be better than yesterday. 
·    People around you see things that you don’t that’s why it’s important to surround yourself with people that care about you enough to call you out on undesirable behaviors. 
-      Do you have any tips on analyzing yourself?? 
·    List down your own reality, who you are now and what you do and all the qualities you think you have. The ones you like and the ones you don’t. 
·    List down the things external (people, thing, experiences or memories) that trigger you, and compare your view of self to those. 
·    Write down how you expect yourself to be. 
·    See where the gap is and work from there. 
Listen to the next episode for more! 

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