Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny

Tom Bobbajobski leaves his little grey ship and helps to co-host Huron City Radio's premier food and cooking show, Galinda's Gastronomic Gourmet. Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny.

Show Notes

Galinda's Gastronomic Gourmet

Galinda has a helping hand on her top cooking show with none other than Tom Bobbajobski, fresh from the success of The Midnite Hour.

Celebrity Chef Randolph Frozzenfekker is on hand to to demonstrate one of his unique recipes live on air, and Melanie Lemony brings up to date food news in Huron City and the Grey Water Area with all the Gastric Gossip.

Expect nothing to go well, as Tom's Shore Leave has everyone wishing he'd remained on his little grey ship.

What is Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny?

Enter the absurd world of Huron City Radio. Original entertainment for the ears, featuring our flagship comedy program unlike any other, The Midnite Hour, with Tom Bobbajobski. Fake Station-Real Funny.