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This week, we talking about what happens when churn and word of mouth cancel each other out, what we're doing to focus on the right types of work, and more.

Show Notes

Topics this week:
  • Tyler has a new iPad and doesn't know what it's good for.
  • Rick has added a client through word of mouth, and we discuss how churn and word of mouth are constantly battling with one another.
  • Rick has resolved a major issue one of his clients had with their dental insurance. Crisis averted.
  • Tyler has been working on the wrong things, and is trying to correct that.
  • We discuss Less Annoying CRM's new leadership team.
  • Rick is applying his new javascript skills to his Airtable data.
  • Tyler is writing blog posts in a new way: First write the tweet storm, then write the blog post.
  • We discuss Earnest Capital's rebranding to Calm Company Fund.

What is Startup to Last?

Two founders talk about how to build software businesses that are meant to last. Each episode includes a deep dive into a different topic related to starting, growing, and sustaining a healthy business.