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In Episode 48, Alex Proimos speaks with Rob Leck, director at Cutter Associates.

All views expressed on this podcast are subject to change and do not necessarily reflect the views of Conexus Financial. This podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as investment advice.

Show Notes

This conversation discusses the questions that super funds need to consider as the start the journey of internalisation. The episode covers the articulation of the benefits to the board and/or investment committee beyond solely the long-term cost reduction from fee savings, the build-up of in-house investment expertise, and the integrated roadmap that considers the operating model, people, processes, technology & governance holistically. 

Prior to joining Cutter, Rob was a senior portfolio manager on QSuper’s investment strategy team, where his responsibilities included asset allocation, the whole of portfolio construction, and risk management, as well as supporting the equities, fixed income, and alternatives teams. Previously, Rob was a senior portfolio manager for the Cbus’ fixed income asset class as well as manager of the quantitative solutions team. He also has served as a senior investment risk analyst at Vanguard Investments Australia and a senior quantitative analyst at the Queensland Treasury Corp.

What is Market Narratives?

Market Narratives is a podcast series hosted by Investment Magazine that features unorthodox conversations with thought leaders influencing the world of fiduciary investors.

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