Josh Williams is a film-maker, producer, and podcaster originally from Virginia Beach, VA. He is also probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He is an extremely outgoing, happy-go lucky person who above all desires peace between all people. He is wise beyond his years. He is a storyteller first and foremost. In this episode we touch on gentrification, police violence, and loving vs.vilifying our enemies. You're in for a treat today.

Show Notes

Hearing Josh talk about how he's constantly thinking about it and actively working at not coming across as "shady" makes me sad. I hate that the onus is often on Black people to look non-threatening. This is not right and it saddens me that this is a daily reality for African Americans. They are fighting a centuries long battle of stereotypes and false information that are rampant among white Americans.

Speaking of that, I really, really appreciate Josh's confession that even he sometimes harbors questionable viewpoints against other Black people. Would that we all were so honest and forthcoming to deal with our own shadow selves. I couldn't agree more with his conclusion that we must unlearn hidden lessons we were taught or learned by osmosis about Black people (or any negative stereotypes/ideas about any race for that matter). Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt goes a long way!

One of the things I love about Josh are his convictions! He holds them strongly, but not in a self-righteous way. He is broken-hearted over police violence and the effect it has had disproportionately on Black communities, yet instead of becoming cynical about the Police, he takes the initiative to reach out to them, to learn and grow, and be in dialogue.

I also love how Josh challenges us on the phrase "Black-on-Black" crime. We must come to the realization that that phrase is a racist way of saying, "crime." I really appreciate the wisdom Josh lives by at such a young age. He has already come to the understanding that we all experience the world a different way based on our experiences, where we grow up, the traumas we've faced. He knows not to discredit anyone else's opinion because it doesn't match his narrative or his lived experience. Although he admittedly gets frustrated with the systemic problems our country has, he actively works at not vilifying the other and at working towards unity. Would that we were all this wise. May we all learn to better love our neighbor as ourselves as Josh has.

Favorite Quote: 
With great power comes great responsibility. - Uncle Ben from "Spiderman"

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