Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and also your salary!

Show Notes

In 2016, software infrastructure consulting firm Truss made salaries transparent across the entire company. Salaries were revealed internally for all employees, from the executives on down. In this episode, Truss CEO Everett Harper and COO Jen Leech talk about why and how they approached their salary transparency project, and how they've adapted this system as the company has grown.

For more details, check out Jen's write-ups of the project on the Truss company blog: "Why We Made Salary Transparent" and "How We Made Salaries Transparent."

Show Notes

Truss website | LinkedIn | GitHub | Twitter - 00:30

Everett Harper's bio | @everettharper | Jen Leech's bio | @jennifermleech - 1:20

Buffer's policy on open salaries - 3:27

"The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap," a 2016 Freakonomics Radio episode - 3:47

"Demystifying the Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from Glassdoor Salary Data" - 4:52

Dreyfus model of skill acquisition (Wikipedia) - 6:43

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