Cloud Based Real Estate Brokerage with Jesse Dau

Real estate prices have been strong for a few years now, thanks to high occupancy and strong demand. But there are sudden dropping of bombs and we will talk about that over my favorite drink Chicos for our episode 28.

Show Notes

Welcome to today's Cloud Based Real Estate Brokerage TOPOS & TALK #28 - I have so many things going through my head every day about Real Estate that I just want to get it all out. I get asked so many questions about real estate every day. And, coach so many agents that it's time to answer all of those in depth questions while I sip on my Topo Chico.

In today’s episode I do a deep dive into Price Dropping Bombs on Real Estate. It's crazy this market probably felt the heat if you're buying and selling real estate continuously, you're seeing the market shifting, which is actually good. We've been in a euphoric real estate market for the last two years and now going back to normalization is actually making people feel like the markets collapsing. Well, typically during the summer months is when the market slow. Typically I see price adjustments happen at this time of the year. I personally never always tell my clients not to sell in July or August because it's slow, especially when the markets that I was in. I don't know about your market specifically. The thing that I love the most about seeing these price adjustments is when I see new construction. It is important to use a real estate agent when buying new construction and the thing that I always say is when you're working with new construction versus a re-sale home is somebody already lived in those re-sale homes. So there's going to get some wear and tear and they've also they also know about all the issues you get your chance to do your new inspections and all those things. When you're buying a new construction home, no one's ever lived in that house and you don't know what it's what. I have more to tell people!

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