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Isioma talks about the first housemate eviction in Big Brother Naija Season 6 and as well as the plot twist of new housemates.

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Theeechousemates were evicted (0:26), but with a plot twist, Biggie brought in 4 new housemates (1:37), and we except live, energy, and ginger from them (2:00).

What is Dear Nigeria Twitter?

Dear Nigeria Twitter focuses on the different reactions of Nigerian Twitter users in general on a variety of trendy topics. It is combined with humour and facts to provide perspective to listeners, stirring Nigerians away from the constant need to push and champion extreme points of view. Dear Nigeria Twitter is another podcast original from Visual Audio Time, the makers of 234 Essential Podcast, A Music In Time, & FREE,

Dear Nigerian Twitter provides genuine and unbiased views on the trendiest topics on twitter and helps our Nigerian twitter community understand one another better even when we disagree.