Well alright, alright, alright. Spring has sprung and what would a week without a little controversy be? This week we're looking at Hedonova and Carbonomy, or not, the JET and some not-so-nice labour actions, ridiculous funding round names, SerenityNow, DeepDrive's neck breaker of a new EV drivetrain, and Ferrari getting h4x0r3d, again. And one more thing: a Neobanks Report to end all neobanks reports.

Keen listeners will recognise that we've taken a staple of the show and moved it from the very end to the very beginning. Because lulz.

Up this week:

00:50 - Shady actors called Carbonomy and a questionable-at-best hedge fund named Hedonova.
06:16 - has invited Hedonova to join us for a rebuttal in a video interview format.
08:11 - Just Eat Takeway, the sage continues as it said on Tuesday it will reorganise in Britain, ending an employment model called Scoober by which it employs its own couriers.
08:43 - SCOOBER!
12:39 - HeavyFinance raised €3 million in a seed round aimed at fuelling expansion efforts.
12:48 - Social fitness app GoJoe bags a sports star and £1.2 million in its Seed round.
13:26 - emma raised $6 million in Seed funding to hire engineers for no-code platform.
13:45 - Finland’s MVision AI raised €5.4 million for an AI-powered Cancer treatment planning platform.
14:07 - Fiona gets creative with funding round nomenclature.
15:32 - After seven years bootstrapped, IntegrityNext takes on €100 million via EQT Growth.
15:49 - Serenity NOW!
17:47 - Lieferkettensorgfalts­pflichtengesetz.
18:55 - i Ventures. iPod? iPad? iPhone? i Series cars ... lightbulb moment.
19:16 - BMW i Ventures shifts €15 million DeepDrive’s way.
20:10 - Italia’s pride tarnished as the Prancing Horse of Ferrari falls prey to ransomware.
22:05 - Winningest. It is a word.
22:46 - One more thing: A Neobanks Report. Go read it. Lots of numbers. And a pretty table.

All this and a whole lot more on this week's episode of the Drive at Five!

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