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One thing Ms hooks will do is have you talking at length about her work, usually with striking polarity: one side really loved it and the other just could not get behind her ideas. For this new episode of Like A Real Book Club, Ashley, Kristina and Jherane take on one of hook’s more famous books and RWL’s March pick, “All About Love: New Versions”.

Self-help, theory or a mixture of both? For’s really whatever you managed to take from it. Engaging with hook’s work for a lot of readers may seem daunting because of her unmovable place as a central thinker in the Black feminist canon. However, our hope with this episode is that everyone recognizes the utility in reading our favourite theorists critically and that it’s okay to disagree with them. Sometimes they disagree with themselves years later!

Grab your tea, your water or whatever you usually have while listening to podcasts and chat with us about what love is and how we can all create a love ethic. Also listen to us GUSH over amazing performers like Diana Ross and Tina Turner as well as the songs that have been carrying us through the last couple months.

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