How They Get Stuff Done

Is setting goals necessary? Why will you always feel shitty if you don’t know WHY you want things? Why does clarity come from taking action (and not from ever-more planning)?

Show Notes

“If I would have heard me ten years ago, I would have been like… that lady is on something. Like, you cannot get things done like that. And yet, I accomplish so much more now.”

Jessica Eley is a mindset coach for high-achievers. She helps them reach their big goals without feeling shitty in the process. 

Wondering what a mindset coach is? You might hire a fitness coach to help you improve your physical fitness. In the same way, you hire a mindset coach to improve your mental fitness.

I’m particularly excited to share this conversation with you because Jessica has coached me on and off over the years and still does from time to time. She was instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground as I was recovering from burnout. I’ve learned so much from her and I know you will too.

Jessica and I discuss:
  • Whether setting goals is at all necessary
  • Why you’ll always feel shitty if you don’t know WHY you want things
  • Why clarity comes from taking action (and not from ever-more planning)
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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Jessica Eley
Jessica is a mindset coach to high-achieving entrepreneurs.

What is How They Get Stuff Done?

What’s Barack Obama’s #1 piece of advice for young people? “Just learn how to get stuff done.” Whether we’re young or more seasoned, we can all get better at this essential skill. So let’s find out how people do, in fact, get stuff done.