the Love Says podcast

Welcome to the first mini-episode in this new Love Says Podcast series called 'Helpful Tools in Times of Change' - this series will run until I begin my maternity leave.

This episode was inspired by a conversation with my therapist that really shifted my perspective on discomfort — and ironically, brought me more comfort and peace overall. 

I do believe one of the reasons we are here is to change — and yet change (planned or unplanned) can turn us upside down, bring up so many emotions and trepidations, and be overwhelming to navigate. I'm hoping these episodes help make that change a little less scary and little more miraculous and supported.

What is the Love Says podcast?

What unfolds when we each find our own way back to a place of love?

Love can get us through the most painful moments, give us the freedom to grow , the courage to change - and Love can lead us to a whole lot of peace and joy and possibility.

So let’s see what happens — in us, in our life and in our world when we listen in to what Love Says.
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