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Who do we coach? What is our niche area of coaching? Join us as we explore these questions and more on @CoachingThruIt!

Show Notes

For this episode, Julie & Laura chat about who their coaching client is. Not the names or actual people, but the types of folks who find us for coaching based on the following topics, word of mouth referral, etc. We reflect on going deep and earning trust with clients, and who we want to coach as we build our practice.
  • ICF Coaching Log [Download Excel File]
  • What are you learning about your coaching arena?
  • How are you figuring out your niche as a coach?
  • What does your coaching testimonials say about your practice?  
  • How are you showing up as a coach?
  • What ways do you earn trust to go deep as a coach?
  • WHo do you WANT to coach?
  • Let’s Talk About Hard Things by Anna Sale
  • What awkward question have I not asked myself today?
Future episode: Marketing of Coaching Services

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What is Coaching Through It?

Welcome to the Coaching Through It podcast.
Your hosts/coaches, Julie Larsen & Laura Pasquini bring their perspectives & insights to their own coaching practice.
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