Playing for Keeps

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It’s more expensive than ever to acquire customers online, and in an increasingly competitive market, it takes a lot of grit and focus to stand out. Thing is, your acquisition funnel will only go so far without leaning into those customer relationships long-term.

ADMission experts Adrianne and Grant are leaders in the DTC space when it comes to increasing ROAS, but they’re also educators that help operators take charge of their paid advertising. This episode is all about connecting your acquisition and retention efforts for a stronger overall business.

So let’s talk about LTVs.

Show Notes

  • Agency fees v.s. Guru guarantees: where operators turn with questions about PPC
  • The central formula for ADMission’s approach to growth: Profit = (Visitors x Conversion Rate x 60-day LTV) - Costs
  • Focusing on bottom line profit rather than top line revenue for better cash flow
  • “Valuable content centers on the story your audience already inhabits, entering it not as the hero but as a human helper. Pick that story wisely and tell it honestly, no matter the medium on which it appears.” -Aaron Orendorff
  • Why it’s so important to set goals for paid advertising before you start spending
  • How to calculate profitable PPC spend for your specific brand
  • Machine learning matters: “Let Facebook find your customers” then “keep iterating on success”
  • Here’s the eCommerce strategy resource Kristen mentions at the end
  • Join ADMission (at a discount)
  • Reach out to Adrianne for access to the CAC:LTV webinar

What is Playing for Keeps?

Retaining customers has never been more important for eCommerce businesses. Join Kristen LaFrance, eCommerce retention specialist and head of community at Churn Buster, as she interviews guests from the top subscription businesses to learn how the best in the DTC space are retaining customers. If you're growing a subscription based business, running a subscribe and save program on your site, or just plain interested in hearing stories from the top DTC businesses, Playing for Keeps is for you.