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What if TV but too much? This and many other important questions are kinda-sorta-almost answered on the scarier side of the Summer of Spielberg. Elizabeth and Karen puzzle their way through Poltergeist in this 100% not-haunted Halloween episode.

Show Notes

For more fears and jeers, consider the following:
  • Callback to our episode on Inside
  • Callback to our episode on analog horror
  • A needlessly thorough Wikipedia synopsis 
  • A list of other Bechdel Test passing movies
  • Bathtubs Over Broadway and the consequences of comedy damage
  • Check out Nyx Fears if you want to be upset/fascinated by scary movies 
  • A thread on the pitfalls of smarty pants protagonists
  • If you didn’t watch Contingency after last episode, go watch it now!
  • Pauline Kael was even harsher to this movie than Elizabeth was
  • The rating debate
  • Poltergeist was fine, but here’s some movies we actively recommend
    • The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920, 100% mom safe)
    • What We Do in the Shadows (2014, comedic gore/violence)
    • The Lighthouse (2019, gore/violence/sexual content/psychological horror)
    • House on Haunted Hill (1959, campy and delightful)
    • Night of the Living Dead (1968, gory and violent, mitigated by its age and budget)
    • The Girl with all the Gifts (2016, violent and gory, but strangely uplifting)
  • Music is Now or Never by Myuu, who is a fantastic royalty-free composer
  • Sound clips from our special feature courtesy of:
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A sometimes belated, already outdated guide to your teens, tweens and everything under 20. In each episode, Elizabeth, a teenager, explains a thing to Karen, her mother. And Karen tells Elizabeth how that thing relates to something she knows. Maybe.