BuiltOnAir Live Broadcast for 04-30-2024 - Segments: Round The Bases | Meet the Creators | An App a Day | Audience Questions

Show Notes

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4/30/2024 - BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show - S18-E05


The BuiltOnAir podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable universe.

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Our hosts today:

Kamille Parks - https://kamillionaireapps.com/
I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app "Scheduler", one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.
Dan Fellars - https://on2air.com
I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

00:01:42 - Audience Questions - Airtable Question - How to Pull Data by default from another table once a record is created
00:01:41 - An App a Day - Airtable App Showcase - EasyInvoice - Easyinvoice is a custom Extension that allows you to generate invoices directly from your base data. It supports all major payment providers, and it's the only solution we know of that supports splitting invoices into multiple payments.
00:01:40 - Round The Bases - Roundup of what's happening in the Airtable communities - Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
00:01:41 - Meet the Creators - Ronen Babayoff - Founder, EasyApps

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