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In-depth discussion on the second half of SNES action RPG Soul Blazer.

Show Notes

Aurora borealis? At this time of day? Localized entirely in the Freil Empire? Yes! But all our panelists had to wait until the World of Evil near the end of the game to see it.  And in many ways, it is a riveting, yet quickly escalating conclusion as we make our way through the second half of this older Quintet GEM. Listen on to hear us wax poetical about the fleeting nature of existence when we visit the Mountain of Souls, ponder Dr. Leo's motives and...whatever's going on in his lab, and finally uncover the truth about King Magridd (jury's out on whether he's actually a good king). Oh, and then there's settling the score with Deathtoll and finding out what happens when your divinely mandated objectives are met but you still rather like humanity. 

Featuring: Hilary Andreff, Greg Delmage, Kyle Seeley, Mike Salbato

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