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In this episode, Nathan Sawaya, a New York University School of Law graduate, explains how he created a career using LEGO-brand bricks.
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Show Notes

Nathan Sawaya was a corporate lawyer for five years and spent his evenings working with clay, paints, and other materials to release his creativity.  Eventually, Nathan picked up LEGO®-brand bricks and created an apple, then other items in his apartment and finally a sculpture.   Nathan’s talent with these bricks led Nathan to create a website to display his artwork. 

After his website, Brick Artist, crashed from too many visits, Nathan stopped practicing law to become an artist full time. Nathan Sawaya’s sculptures have been displayed in many art museums, Nathan has created LEGO Oscars®  statues for the 2015 Academy Awards, Nathan is a consulting producer on the LEGO Master show, and Nathan has founded The Art Revolution Foundation.  Nathan has been commissioned numerous times to create unique and incredible art from LEGO-brand bricks. 

While many people are familiar with LEGO-brand bricks, Nathan Sawaya has a partnership with LEGO that allows the company to send him bricks in specific hues and designs.  In his California studio, Nathan keeps at least 10 million LEGO-brand bricks available to him.  Nathan credits his law degree for preparing him to negotiate with large toy manufacturers and agents for his commissioned art.  

Nathan Sawaya was licensed in New York.  Connect with Nathan at

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This episode is sponsored by Attornneed (

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