Adventures in Lollygagging

The party pushes into the moathouse, but not all make it out alive. This is an actual-play of HEROIC DEEDS, a tabletop roleplaying campaign from Pete Lattimore of Garblag Games. "Heroic Deeds is a goal-based heroic fantasy role-laying game. Old school adventures, with modern mechanics." #HeroicDeeds #ActualPlay #ttrpg #osr

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- Cast -
Frosti. Jotunn Oathsworn. Played by Kipser.
"Billy" Black Lotus. Dwarf Runewielder. Played by Steven.
Denza Gix. Saurian Windwalker. Played by Melissa.
Sonny Kaboom. Gnome Darkdelver. Played by Jeff.
Gamemaster. Played by Aaron.

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Musical theme "Armageddon" by T.I.D.N. -

What is Adventures in Lollygagging?

Adventures in Lollygagging is a group of silly folks who create, record, and live-stream content for several tabletop roleplaying games. We focus on character-driven stories, bad decisions, and a fair bit of absurdity.