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Have you ever wondered why January 1st is the start of the new year?

In today's episode we'll discuss the history of new year, talk about the longest year ever (it had 445 days), and you'll find out why new year is celebrated on January 1st, and not on any of the other 364 days of the year.

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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered why January 1st is the start of the new year?

In today's episode we cover:

  • History of the celebrations of New Year
  • When New Year used to be in mid-March
  • How the Romans tried to fix the calendar
  • The longest year in history
  • The Julian calendar (why it worked, and why it didn't)
  • The pope who brought things back to January 1st
  • New year today

Key vocabulary: Pressing, Conversation starter, Bringing in, Topical, Timely, Observed, Festivity, Falling out of sync, Toasted, Implemented, Leap year, Pagan, Befitting, Abolished, Circumcision, Circumcised, Reticent, Colonies, Millennia, Custom, Neglected, Myriad, Skipping over


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