Rogers' Music Tour

Not a lot of things have given me goosebumps before…That all changes now as the power of serendipity is in our favor, and I’m honored and grateful to welcome Duke Fakir to #RogersMusicTour! Duke is a lot of incredible things; he’s a founding member of The Four Tops, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, author, producer, and father. Fun fact: the Four Tops and The Temptations were Henley’s first-ever concert (while she was cozy in Abby's stomach)! Meeting Duke and having him on the podcast are possibly some of the greatest highlights of my entire life. Dive deeper into the story of how Motown, the Four Tops, and Duke changed the R&B and soul music scene forever at the link in bio.

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What is Rogers' Music Tour?

Rogers Healy is one of the world's largest collectors of music memorabilia. Through this passion he has formed relationships with influential people within the music world. He invites guests to come chat about music of all kinds and hopes to find a connection through music - which he believes is the only real thing people can agree on in this world.