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A conversation with Justin Butts (@Mute0n on Instagram). We discuss running, how to become a working artist, favorite authors and books, the life of an artist, frienship and more.

Show Notes

Justin Butts @Mute0n — How to Become a Working Artist:

Insta: @Mute0n

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Insta: @Renaissance.Life
Daily Blog:
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Charles Bukowski:
So You Want to Be a Writer

Books Mentioned:

Cherry by Nico Walker

Women: A Novel by Charles Bukowski

post office: A Novel by Charles Bukowski

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

People Mentioned:


Paul Wilm

Jesse Bean

Broken English Taco

On busy friends: “I think everyone's busy so it's important not to take anything personally”

On mentorship: “I just pay attention to what people do”

On being an artist: “It's in you deep dude. It's like I don't even know how to explain it. had a moment when I was painting in my apartment in Birmingham when I realized like holy crap.   This is why I'm here or  that moment of realization of purpose and just like wept as I was painting this painting and I have never felt like that doing anything else maybe running and. So it's just like. I don't know if there wasn't social media or any of that shit. I'd still be doing it because it's just a part of me and it's why I believe I'm here.”

On overwhelm: “I take some CBD. Try to stay calm and then I make a list with boxes and check off things one at a time.”

On getting good at what you do:

“How do you get good at something? You practice it constantly.”

“That’s a way to get better at your craft, hang out with people better than you. And people that do different work than you.”


Just self-love is important — practice that every day as much as you can
Spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself. I know a lot of people have problems with being alone. I spent a lot of time alone, and I think it's really.

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