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Every Wednesday former NHL GM, Stanley Cup Champion and Director of Scouting with TSN, Craig Button and I explore prospects for the NHL Draft. From Top Shelf Talent to The Next Wave to Time Machine and more, the stars of tomorrow are discovered and discussed, here.

Show Notes

The Stars of tomorrow are discovered here, Every Wednesday former NHL GM, Stanley Cup Champion and Director of Scouting with TSN, Craig Button and I explore prospects for the NHL Draft.  
With Craig in Texas for the Under 18 World Championship we came up with a fab five pack of players taking part. From Brandt Clarke an offensive dman who has #1 defenceman written all over him to Simon Edvinsson who might not be as offensive as Clarke, but the Swede will be very valuable to an NHL team with his mobility and size when it comes to moving the puck and defending. We chatted about a couple of Russians in Fyodor Svechkov and Nikita Chibrikov, two highly skilled but different forwards. Svechkov has a really good all around game, while Chibrikov has a higher offensive ceiling, but both have made an impact in the tournament so far. 

To end the segment we brought it back to Canada and looked ahead to the 2022 draft with Shane Wright. The Canadian captain scored an even strength, power play and short handed goal vs Sweden, displaying his all around game, and Craig had a comparison to one of the best players in the NHL right now. 

Here are the scouting agencies who purchased the NFTs discussed in today's show. 

Brandt Clarke - RubyISS
Simon Edvinsson - Spitfire Scouting
Fyodor Svechkov - RubyISS
Nikita Chibrikov - Spitfire Scouting
Shane Wright - High Level Scouting
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What is #TrackingTheDraft with @CraigJButton?

Tracking the Draft with Craig Button is a weekly 45 minute podcast hosted by Dean Millard featuring former NHL General Manager Craig Button who is currently the Director of Scouting for TSN. We will focus on the upcoming NHL draft in a number of different ways.One segment, titled Top Shelf Talent will feature a projected 1st round pick. Another segment will focus on players projected to go after the first round, titled The Next Wave. Time Machine will be a segment where we look at past drafts with stories from Craig and comparisons to a current draft prospects.
A short Prospect News segment and a trivia contest will wrap around the draft discussion between Craig and Dean.