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The conversation covers various topics related to the tech industry, personal challenges, and the need for a psychological safety community. The hosts catch up and discuss the current state of the industry, including issues with online presence and SEO. They also share their experiences with career changes and challenges in the industry. The conversation concludes with a discussion on creating a network of podcasts and the future of the tech industry. This conversation explores the challenges faced by women in the tech industry and the importance of psychological safety in creating inclusive and innovative teams. The speakers discuss the impact of mediocrity in organizations and the need for ego-less leadership. They also highlight the journey to psychological safety and the lack of measurement in this area. Additionally, they touch on the connection between psychological safety and innovation, as well as the cultural differences in fostering psychological safety. This part of the conversation focuses on the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace and the need for psychological safety and health at work. It also discusses the disconnect in diversity and inclusion initiatives and the impact of the mental health crisis on work. The conversation highlights the role of communication and bullying in the workplace and the importance of human work in creating a supportive environment. It emphasizes the need for effective leadership, self-awareness, and reflection, as well as the importance of embracing diversity and cultural differences. The conversation also touches on the need for preventive work, supportive environments, and continuous improvement in teams. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of recognizing and supporting neurodivergent individuals and challenging stereotypes in the workplace. In this conversation, Duena Blomstrom discusses the concept of podders and their potential to have their own podcasts. She emphasizes the importance of psychological safety and human depth in the tech industry. Duena also talks about humanizing engagement and centralizing resources for everyone. She extends an invitation to discuss topics like authenticity and women developers. The conversation concludes with closing remarks and future plans.


The tech industry is facing challenges related to online presence, SEO, and the dissemination of knowledge.
Personal challenges and career changes can impact one's professional journey.
Creating a network of podcasts can provide a platform for discussing important topics and amplifying voices.
There is a need for a psychological safety community to address issues in the tech industry and promote a supportive and inclusive environment. Women in the tech industry face unique challenges and often struggle to be taken seriously.
Psychological safety is crucial for creating inclusive and innovative teams.
Mediocrity in organizations can hinder progress and prevent the development of psychological safety.
Ego-less leadership is essential for fostering psychological safety and creating a culture of trust and collaboration.
Measuring psychological safety is challenging but necessary for understanding team dynamics and identifying areas for improvement.
Cultural differences play a role in fostering psychological safety and must be considered in creating inclusive environments. Neurodiversity and psychological safety are crucial for creating a supportive and inclusive workplace.
Leadership plays a vital role in fostering psychological safety and promoting effective communication.
The mental health crisis and burnout are significant challenges that need to be addressed in the workplace.
Embracing diversity, cultural differences, and individual strengths is essential for creating a thriving work environment.
Continuous improvement, self-reflection, and learning are key to creating a positive and productive workplace culture. The podders concept involves individuals having their own podcasts.
Psychological safety and human depth are crucial in the tech industry.
Humanizing engagement and centralizing resources can benefit everyone.
Discussions on authenticity and women developers are important.


00:00 Introduction and Catching Up
08:05 Discussing the Current State of the Tech Industry
09:32 Challenges with Online Presence and SEO
15:30 Personal Challenges and Career Changes
20:40 Creating a Network of Podcasts
23:03 Issues with Google and Microsoft
28:29 The Future of the Tech Industry
31:18 Techlet Culture and Disseminating Knowledge
34:02 Collaboration and Co-hosting Opportunities
35:01 The Need for a Psychological Safety Community
35:31 The Challenges of Being a Woman in Tech
38:06 The Importance of Psychological Safety
43:03 The Impact of Mediocrity in Organizations
46:26 The Need for Ego-less Leadership
53:52 The Journey to Psychological Safety
56:08 The Lack of Psychological Safety in Large Organizations
01:00:43 The Connection Between Psychological Safety and Innovation
01:04:37 The Challenges of Measuring Psychological Safety
01:09:08 The Cultural Differences in Psychological Safety
01:10:57 The Importance of Neurodiversity in the Workplace
01:11:23 The Need for Psychological Safety and Health at Work
01:12:13 The Disconnect in Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
01:13:08 The Impact of Mental Health Crisis on Work
01:13:32 The Role of Communication and Bullying in the Workplace
01:14:23 The Importance of Human Work in the Workplace
01:15:13 The Focus on Output vs. Value in the Workplace
01:15:48 The Need for User Research and Customer Understanding
01:16:17 The Lack of Sustained Efforts in Design-Led Development
01:17:15 The Importance of Effective Communication and Listening
01:18:08 The Role of Leadership in Creating Psychological Safety
01:18:36 The Importance of Embracing Diversity and Cultural Differences
01:19:01 The Need for Self-Awareness and Reflection in Leadership
01:20:35 The Need for Humility and Learning in Leadership
01:21:05 The Importance of Empowering and Supporting Teams
01:22:06 The Need for Preventive Work and Supportive Environments
01:23:25 The Importance of Daily Human Work in Teams
01:24:57 The Generational Change in Workplace Dynamics
01:26:16 The Need for Human Work in the Face of Automation
01:27:05 The Role of Leadership in Creating Psychological Safety
01:28:27 The Importance of Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness in Leadership
01:29:19 The Need for Research and Understanding of Team Burnout
01:30:07 The Importance of Team Dynamics and Human Work
01:31:01 The Lack of Research and Focus on Human Work in Technology
01:32:21 The Importance of Continuous Improvement and Progress
01:33:18 The Need for Change and Innovation in the Workplace
01:34:57 The Importance of Neurodiversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
01:36:16 The Need for Change in Leadership and Workplace Culture
01:37:43 The Importance of Recognizing and Supporting Neurodivergent Individuals
01:39:29 The Need for a Shift in Mindset and Understanding of Neurodiversity
01:41:06 The Importance of Challenging Stereotypes and Embracing Diversity
01:43:43 The Need for Individualized Support and Understanding of Neurodivergent Individuals
01:45:40 Introduction to Podders Concept
01:46:07 Mission: Psychological Safety and Human Depth
01:47:01 Humanizing Engagement and Centralizing Resources
01:48:20 Invitation to Discuss Authenticity and Women Developers
01:49:15 Closing Remarks and Future Plans

What is people AND tech?

A podcast about neither tech nor people but both and how, if we want technology to move as fast as the consumers want it to then we must admit it's time we started to consistently do the Human Work. With a total of 50 years in tech between them, author, start-up founder, thought leader and influencer Duena Blomstrom and VP of Engineering for Evora Global, Dave Ballantyne, the hosts of this show come from the two opposite sides of the equation above and debate how we can best meet in the middle. The hosts are also neurospicy, Duena is diagnosed AuADHD and Dave isn't yet formally diagnosed, the couple are (still) newlyweds and they won't hold back from real talk, banter or the occasional swearword!