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We probe Tomas Harenstam for secrets about the recently announced Blade Runner RPG.
Plus news, SLA Industries and further thoughts on Alien's Three World Empire

Show Notes

00.00.40: Introduction
00.03.10: Thank you to our new patrons, Marty Jopson, Peter Djerv, and Mattias Lodmalm
00.04.20: Michael Bruce writes in about Alien RPG's Three World Empire
00.13.05: World of Gaming: SLA Industries and other Ennie Winners; Asmodee for sale; Into the Odd; War Stories: Matthew has a job at the Games Shop
00.42.57: Blade Runner RPG, we interview Tomas Haremstram
01.19.34: Last minute news about D&D 5th ed Rokugan and goodbye

Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.

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What is Effekt?

A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.