Getting To Ramen

I had an awesome chat with Benedikt Deicke (co-founder of about his start in development at 15, initial experience building a SaaS company for metal bands, how he met his co-founders and formed, and how customer interviews have fueled the launch and development of the product in a well established market.

Show Notes

Follow @benediktdeicke on Twitter. - A behavior-based customer messaging tool for SaaS companies.

StageCMS - The Content Management System for unique band website design.

Slow & Steady Podcast - A podcast by Benedikt Deicke and Brian Rea about what it's like to build and launch a bootstrapped startup while working for yourself full-time.

Also, check out Benedikt's co-founder Jane Portman's podcast UI Breakfast!

Userlist blog post about their launch strategy:

Check out the Ramen Games list.

What is Getting To Ramen?

Listen in as I navigate the slow SaaS ramp of death while asking for help along the way from people like Justin Jackson, Matt Wensing, and others who have gone before me...