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In this episode, we’re tackling the age-old question:  How do you get your business out there? How do you harness the power of marketing to connect with your audience and separate yourself from the competition? Hospitality marketing expert Astrid Kelaher (known for her roles at Crown Resorts, Lavazza Australia, Treasury Wines, and PUBLIC) reveals the vital role marketing plays in Australia's AUD 26.7 billion dollar hospitality industry. She shares tactics for small venues to compete with giants, the power of user-generated content, and sustainable marketing practices. Astrid provides a glimpse of emerging trends that will reshape the industry. Join us to discover actionable strategies that empower hospitality businesses of all sizes to thrive in today's competitive landscape and prepare for tomorrow's challenges

About your host: Xanny Christophersen COO at Priestley’s Gourmet Delights, senior business executive and change agent who is passionate about the foodservice industry.

About your co-host: Astrid Kelaher brings over two decades of experience in the hospitality marketing industry, having worked across all facets of the industry, including branding, positioning media planning, , communications, trade marketing, ambassador and sponsorship negotiations and more. Her career is marked by her time at Crown Resorts, Lavazza Australia, Treasury Wines. Her current role as General Manager of Marketing and Communications at PUBLIC Group hones her skills in project management, investor negotiations and of course, delivering quality and impactful marketing and communications that uplift the PUBLIC brand. 
You can connect with Astrid on LinkedIn, at @Astrid Kelaher

About Public: 

PUBLIC is a diversified hospitality business founded on authentic experiences in accommodation, food and barrage through its expanding portfolio of intimate and purposeful local hospitality brands. From concept to build, PUBLIC delivers individual environments that always deliver something new to the market while respecting, understanding and acknowledging the heritage of every property and its place in the local community. PUBLIC uncovers the layers of history in places by restoring inner city properties to their former glory for the neighbourhood. The ambition is simple; create pillars of the community that are owned by all. 

Visit our website at 

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What is Bite Size?

Welcome to Bite-Sized - Brought to you by Priestley's Gourmet Delights. With each episode, we look to bring you ideas and insight into the Foodservice industry. Whether you're a distributor, a chain, or an individual venue owner, these episodes are designed to break down things happening in the industry and give you a bite-sized summary of it.

hosted by Xanny Christophersen