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Prior to starting his next podcast series, Shaun wanted to share his top key takeaways from his first two podcast seasons; Season 1: Inspiration Leaders and Season 2: Debunking your growth mindset.

Show Notes

Justin Langer
This is a wrap-up of the original podcast that featured Justin Langer, who is the current Australian Cricket Coach and who has played over 105 test matches. He is born and bred in Perth, has travelled all around the world playing, coaching and mentoring cricket. He puts his great accomplishments and success down to focusing on the process (not the outcome), working hard and having strong male mentors.

Justin’s Highlights
5:05 Meditation
7:30 Pain of discipline is nothing like the pain
8:45 Connecting with people & the Harvard Study of Adult Development
11:00 Constant drive to get better
Justin uses meditation to slow his mind, be more present, and also remove the anxiety to become more relaxed and play at his best.
Since the original podcast, Shaun has started daily meditation of 20 minutes and beyond the former mentioned benefits, he also finds that he sleeps better, and doesn’t emotionally react as much.

Reference to Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss

“The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment”
This is a quote of Justin’s that really resinated with Shaun and when times become difficult he often revisits it.

Importance of staying connected with people
During the podcast Justin discusses the importance of staying connected with people and how it has improved his life.

There is an ongoing Harvard study of Adult Development that started in 1938 that they hoped would find clues to leading healthy and happy lives. In this study the people that are/were the happiest weren’t from a particular socio-economic group but were the people who embraced the community and maintained close connections with others.

Reference to the Harvard study of Adult Development or otherwise known as the Happiness Study. 

Constant drive to get better

Justin’s constant drive to get better is inspirational. The concept of falling up instead of down rings true for Shaun. Utilising set-backs as motivators is key continually improving yourself.   

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Henry Nicholls
This is a wrap-up of the original podcast that featured Henry Nicholls, international cricketer for the New Zealand Black Caps and captain of the reserve A side. Henry credits a structured’ ‘do the work’ approach to his cricketing success which has seen him go from a ‘player worth investing in’ (coach Mike Hesson) into a fully-fledged playmaker and regular for the Black Caps.

Henry’s Highlights
12:20 Start of Henry Nicholl’s podcast summary
13:00 Investment in a mental skills coach
14:00 Being self-aware and courageous enough
16:20 Enjoy what you do and focus on the process

Being Self Aware & Courageous Enough
Henry spoke about being self-aware and courageous enough to be true to yourself by playing your own way.

Similar to the Justin Langer and Richie McCaw podcasts, he focussed on falling up and the he invested in a mental coach to enable him to play how he wanted to.

Reference to the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor 

Enjoy what you do
Enjoy what you do versus putting pressure on yourself to perform; instead focus on the process and not the outcome.

What is Stellar's Podcast Series with Shaun McCambridge?

Stellar's Podcast Series with Shaun McCambridge, Managing Director, is a podcast that aims to inspire growth and change the lives of its listeners. His new podcast season: Debunking your growth mindset, will hear great stories from inspirational figureheads and also phycologists, and experts on how to improve on ones mindset status quo.
During his first series, Inspirational Leaders podcast episodes, there was an emerging theme across the interviews that focused around improving and growing one's mindset. He is now excited about entering his second podcast season: 'Debunking your growth mindset'.
Shaun McCambridge is the Managing Director of Stellar Recruitment, a devoted husband and father to four spritely children.
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