Violent People Radio

Episode 9 of Violent People Radio brings together your four violent hosts, Chris, Dan, Sam, and Tanner and they're full of EGO.

They skip the "what have we have been watching" section because this is going to be a beefy episode.

The extra big, big top this week is LISTS! The boyz each rank their Top 5 matches and Top 5 wrestlers of the year so far.

Finally, buckle up for the grand finale: the wackiest WACKY LINE yet! This week the wacky line is ALL EGO. Thats right we dive into the world of Ethan Page.

What is Violent People Radio?

The founders of the very good professional wrestling website, Violent People, have made the radical move to start a podcast! Expect to hear their Hot Takes on the world's greatest sport, what they are watching, and what is going on with VP that week.