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Mark Brady, Head of Creative Solutions at HubSpot, discusses the value of self-service automation to increase content and go to market velocity and at the same time free up creatives. Said differently: Deliver More, Deliver Faster, Deliver Cost Effectively. He explains how HubSpot has implemented self-service automation through tools like Canva, web modules, and email templates, allowing marketers to create on-brand experiences. Allowing the creative team to focus on "big think" work. He also discusses the use of data to inform decision-making and measure success in self-service automation. Lastly, Mark explores how Hubspot's self-service automation journey is informing a smarter approach to how they are rolling out and getting value from the emerging crop of AI tools. 


  • Self-service Automation is "Accessible": any creative ops leader and team can begin without needing knowledge of how to code. V1 of your self-service footprint can be entirely driven by configuration. Achieve and show value and gain right to invest into more sophisticated self-service capabilities. 
  • Creative Ops Self-Service as Go To Market Enablement: self service allows marketers to move from idea to implementation at a much faster rate. At Hubspot that has translated into more experiments, campaigns and ideas seeing the light of day and at a much faster rate. Which is reflected in their meteoric growth. 
  • Creative Ops Self-Service as Org Chart Content Engine: not just for marketing, but for all parts of the organization (sales, customer. support, etc.) that have a growing need and appetite for content, at speed. 
  • Creative Ops Self-Service as Freeing Creatives: self-service reduces the persistent "rote work" capacity bottlenecks. Allowing creatives to focus on more "big think" work. 
  • Creative Data Intelligence: leverage data to understand what to automate (i.e. what are common requests & needs, what have we had to say No to, etc.). Data also provides insights on other opportunities to enhance the self-service automation experience to allow marketers to accelerate go to market velocity with engaging and effective content. 

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