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Does Hamilton actually have A DUTY to REWRITE history?

Show Notes

Does the hit musical Hamilton actually have a duty NOT to adhere to history, but to improve it? Should present social, political, and moral realities affect how we engage with history as much as the actual history does itself? Are the changes to history made in Hamilton not just acceptable dramatization, but societal necessity? Our heroes answer this question and more in today's episode. Along the way, they'll talk about toxic fan-culture, SJWs, "corrective" lying, and more.

This episode touches on Hamilton, but you don't have to have watched or listened to it. (You can go to Patreon to get our thoughts on Hamilton.) (Said thoughts are free even though they are at Patreon.)

We are riffing on THIS article.

Music: The Old Pumpkin Patch by Daren Curtis. Thinking Music by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. After the Flames by Josh Woodward is licensed under a Attribution License. Naked by Savfk. (

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