People Changing Enterprises

Icelandair's content team has restructured the airline's content process, and has done so in a completely drama-free way. Edvardas, Hallur, and Oskar share their approach to changing an enterprise, when you're NOT in the C-suite.

Show Notes

Learn the surprisingly simple values and tactics that you can employ as a mid-level employee to create meaningful change. For senior leaders, the team also drops some suggestions for how to create an environment where change-makers can thrive. This is a short and sweet round-robin on the best ticks and tricks three mid-level change-makers inside Icelandair have learned about what makes making change easier. 

1:33 How conflict relates to expectations
2:23 The key value Oskar aims for in creating long-lasting change
3:15 How Edvardas frames every project to minimize conflict
4:38 Common mistakes Hallur has seen in people trying to create change 
6:42 Be prepared to throw out your plan
7:40 How senior leadership can foster an environment where creating change is the norm
9:43 Quickfire: One piece of advice for someone who wants to make their mark on their business

What is People Changing Enterprises?

This is a show for status quo busters inside enterprises who are ready to make change happen. We: ask people who have transformed big businesses how they’ve done it through three lenses: technology, mindset, and strategy. You: get the roadmap to creating change inside your own enterprise.