Dear Asian Americans

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Meet Dr. Jang Cho, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has made it her life's work to help children and families through their struggles. She shares tips on how to have difficult yet meaningful conversations within our families, whether you are the parent or the child.

Show Notes

Dear Asian Americans - The Helpers Series features everyday heroes who are doing what they can, where they can, however they can to help members of the community and beyond get through these challenging times. If you know of someone whose story and work deserves to be shared, contact We're all in this together. Stay safe and stay strong.


Jang Cho, MD is a child and adolescent psychiatrist from Washington who works with children and their families, with particular interest and experience in helping Asian American children and their families.

In my conversation with Dr. Cho, we talk about how to approach difficult conversation topics in the midst the coronavirus epidemic and ways we can take advantage of this time to have important and necessary conversations within our families.

Meet Dr. Cho:

Dear Asian Americans, let's stay strong and stay healthy. We'll get through this together!


This episode highlights Asian American community leaders Cassandra Lam and Karen Mok, co-founder of The Cosmos, who have built a digital community for women to gather, connect, and self-care. Sign up for their Care Package newsletter, subscribe to their new podcast, and attend one of many digital events this week to help get through these challenging times. Check out Cassandra's own story on Episode 002 of Dear Asian Americans.

What is Dear Asian Americans?

Dear Asian Americans,
Let's Celebrate. Let's Support. Let's Inspire each other.
Your Fellow Asian Americans