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The DPP Leaders' Briefing is the pre-eminent business intelligence event for the media industry. The DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2023 showcased technology and business experts from more than 30 media companies, each sharing their top three priorities for the coming year. And in this episode of the DPP podcast, Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough catches up with speakers, exhibitors and attendees from TikTok, Warner Bros. Discovery, RTÉ, ITV Studios, NPAW, nxtedition, Caretta Research and Wolftech to digest some of the major themes from the event. To what extent did artificial intelligence really dominate discussions, and what was the experience of speakers and attendees?

Show notes

In this episode, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with:

Deirdre Temple, Head of Solutions, Technology | RTÉ [2min 00sec]
Brian Wynne, Head of Technology, Infrastructure | RTÉ [2min 00sec]
Abigail Hughes, Director of Sales Operations for Global Partnership | ITV Studios [5min 32sec]
Natalina Manni, Head of Content Strategy & Operations, Europe, Russia & Israel | TikTok [8min 34sec]
Rebecca Jackson, Marketing and Business Development | Caretta Research [10min 38sec]
Renata Andriusyte, Northern and Central Europe Director | NPAW [14min 46sec]
Till Sudworth, CMO and Head of BU Video | NPAW [14min 46sec]
JJ Eynon, Director of Engineering, CNN | Warner Bros. Discovery [18min 40sec]
Adam Leah, Creative Director | nxtedition [21min 34sec]
Arne Berven, CEO | Wolftech [24min 16sec]

With special thanks to filmmaker, director and editor Mark Levermore for recording the video and audio from the DPP Leaders' Briefing 2023.

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