Startup to Last

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This week, we talk about being burnt out on all the startup communities out there and a bunch of other stuff.

Show Notes

Some other topics from this week:
  • Rick is getting ready for open enrollment, and he explains the history behind why health insurance is sold all at the same time in the U.S.
  • Tyler has been talking to customers a lot recently.
  • Tyler is using "revenue per employee" as a simple guide for whether or not LACRM can afford to hire employees.
  • Wildbit shows what it means to "startup to last" after celebrating their 20-year anniversary.
  • Rick is interested in
  • Instagram/Facebook are a cancer upon humanity and they should be destroyed. Or they should let Rick log into his account. Either way.
  • We discuss how Less Annoying CRM could package and position their product in a future where they have multiple sub-products all within the same app.

What is Startup to Last?

Two founders talk about how to build software businesses that are meant to last. Each episode includes a deep dive into a different topic related to starting, growing, and sustaining a healthy business.