Strangers In Passing

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Meet Karen! Like so many others, she changed careers (can relate!) and now helps business owners with their blogging strategies (not what she went to post-secondary for!).

Karen talks self-doubt, traditional Asian parents, feeling drained after being around too many people as an introvert, getting nervous going to events and continuous self improvement.

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What is Strangers In Passing?

Hosted by Beverley Theresa, Strangers In Passing is a podcast about people you don't know. Sometimes, Beverley doesn't even know them either. Each episode features a different person, whether a friend of Beverley, a friend of a friend or someone she just met for two minutes to invite them on the podcast.

This season we chat with a great mix of people, from the stereotypical f*ck boy, to an Instagram pro marketer and a past escort and juvey bad girl.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, whether positive or negative, they're definitely something to share.

Listen with an open mind and get to know this season's strangers!