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In this conversation, Simon Grimm interviews William Candillon, the creator of Can It Be Done in React Native, about React Native Skia. They discuss the basics of Skia, the benefits of using Skia in React Native, and the performance improvements in React Native Skia. They also talk about the connection between reanimated and React Native Skia, as well as practical examples of what can be done with React Native Skia. William shares the latest release of React Native Skia and provides resources for developers to get started with it.

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William Candillon


  • React Native Skia is a powerful library that brings the best of Skia to React Native, allowing developers to create high-performance animations and graphics.
  • Skia is a 2D graphics library that is used by Flutter and other frameworks. It provides low-level APIs for drawing and rendering graphics.
  • React Native Skia improves performance by bypassing the bridge between native and JavaScript threads, allowing for faster animation and rendering.
  • The connection between reanimated and React Native Skia allows for advanced animations and interactions in React Native applications.
  • Developers can get started with React Native Skia by checking out William Candela's tutorials and the official documentation.

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