The MOVE Against Cancer Podcast

Jenny is an active GP from Bedford who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45. Despite guidance on moving when living with cancer being limited at the time Jenny continued to lift weights and then began running when parkrun came to Bedford. She said she felt better for moving more and sitting less.
Jenny found that she also really enjoyed encouraging others, including her patients to move more and became a local parkrun run director and then one of our brilliant Bedford 5k Your Way Ambassadors.
In 2022, Jenny will be turning 60, an age she says at one point she wasn't sure she'd reach so she has combined her love of fundraising and challenges to take on a year of challenges to fundraise for MOVE!

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear:
  • Jenny's breast cancer diagnosis and what that was like as a GP.
  • All about the impact of parkrun on Jenny's life.
  • How having had cancer and been a patient herself has affected the way she works with her patients now as a GP. 
  • 14 years since Jenny's diagnosis: How the relationship between exercise and cancer has changed completely. 
  • Lockdown and exercise: How this changed lots of people's outlook on exercise for the better.
  • Fundraising: What challenges Jenny is doing and why she is so passionate about fundraising to support more people to Move Against Cancer. 
Jenny's Justgiving Page

Books Jenny recommends: 
Get Your Oomph Back, Carolyn Garritt
The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to Feel Empowered and Take Control, Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and Liz O'Riordan
The Cancer Ladies Running Club, Josie Lloyd

What is The MOVE Against Cancer Podcast?

Welcome to the Move Against Cancer Podcast.

This podcast aspires to support and inspire people to move, exercise and live an active and fulfilling life despite a cancer diagnosis. We share the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We know that many people are scared to stay active during cancer treatment. We know that for some, cancer can take away the hope that comes from dreaming of a future. And we know many people diagnosed with cancer feel isolated and lonely.

We hope that by sharing the stories of others finding their own way through cancer, the Move Against Cancer podcast will provide hope, support and a sense of empowerment to anyone living with or beyond cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer will affect everyone either personally or through our loved ones and so whatever position you are in we hope you will learn and be inspired by our podcast. Thank you so much for listening.