The Accelerator with Michael Conniff

He is Russian by Nationality and has Tatar origins. He works for Starta VC where is the Head of African Track. This entails creating an African Accelerator business for Starta VC which has its Headquarters in New York. Starta VC is a global accelerator that helps international business founders scale their businesses irrespective of their origins.

He talks to us about his experience working with African start-ups and how the Start-up scene compares to Russia where he is from and New York. One of the ways that Starta VC empowers business founders is by offering communication workshops and one on one sessions with the founders where they are taught how to pitch their business to international clients and investors.

What is The Accelerator with Michael Conniff?

This is a Podcast dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs, founders, start ups together with angels, investors and venture capitalists. Anyone who is interested in watching the economy grow in a magnificent way!